In the Nguni languages, NkosiKAZI in its purest/original form is a word meaning Queen, derived from the word Nkosi (King). KAZI is a suffix that means “Greater Than” and is used to change a reference from Male to Female, symbolising the prominent and elevated status of women in leadership and all facets of the African community.


There is also an greater appreciation that increased level of diversity in the economy through the advancement and participation of women leads to sustainable economic growth and development. Being a 100% black female-owned and managed investment firm, Kazi Capital subscribes to these principles of inclusion and we seek to bring the “Greater Than” effect to our portfolio investments and partnerships, for the creation of value for our stakeholders.


Kazi Capital is a 100% black-women owned and managed long-term capital investment firm established to invest capital into unlisted businesses in Sub Saharan Africa, an alternative asset class with a unique value proposition with respect to returns to investors.


Key to Kazi Capital’s strategy is the deployment of capital and its skills into companies that have a well-established track record, ability to grow and create jobs, cash generative and ability to generate superior returns.


Target sectors which Kazi Capital believes align to its strategy include the industrial, manufacturing (engineering and consumer goods) and services sectors (including education and healthcare).

Kazi believes in the philosophy of impact investing which seeks to produce financial returns without compromising the advancement of social and environmental solutions. In the context of transformation of the South African economy, Kazi Capital forms part of new generation of Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (“B-BBEE”) investors who embody a hands-on approach to investments and who have the capability and desire to add value to investee companies from a strategic vantage point.